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Each user has many different needs to carry out his activity every day. It doesn’t make sense to create a mono functional work space with fixed furniture and areas separated by walls. We propose a wooden modular platform as floor system that contains the infrastructure to support furniture, movable walls, heating, electrical accessories and connections uniformly in the whole layout. The result is an open flexible space that can change configuration various times during the day or the week depending on the different needs and activities that take place. The main idea is that every user can choose his “kit” of tools and create his own working space with all the equipment he need inside the co-working space. The furniture is designed to be flexible, removable and in some cases transportable to the outside for the co-workers who have to work even outside the coworking space


Michelangelo Vallicelli

Giulia Panadisi

Annalisa Pilati

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved