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The proposal aims to develop a building and infrastructure for a place-based scientific knowledge. Rather than a container for abstract content and separated from outer space, from city-vision to architectural framework the main purpose is to foster visual and cognitive exchange with the unique natural and social environment of Kaunas and Neumas Island. The galleries are conceived at one time to archive internal content as physical artifacts, objects, installations, and to filter, through visual informative projection on large transparent openings, external content which is the existing environment. Outer space becomes then part of the museum itself. For this reason an elliptical section allowed a 360 degree sight opportunity on both existing and designed external spaces highlights along a linear path through the island.
At groundfloor, facilities are designed to have both flexible access from external spaces during different hours and services for the galleries by the means of vertical distribution and stair links.


Michelangelo Vallicelli

Giulia Vano

Nicolò Troianiello

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved