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EUROPAN 15 | In-Planting | New Urban Galleries for Living and Working

This proposal is a tool which aims to turn the Dakpark area from a leisure green space into a productive link among the surrounding key elements. To achieve this, we looked at the urban typology of the Gallery which traditionally in XIX century northern cities, such as Rotterdam, mostly hosted retail activities connecting parts of the urban environment.
What if urban galleries become productive? We are proposing this condition as an opportunity to show urban productivity, not only shops, to the citizens of the Dakpark neighborhood and also as a chance to engage them, acting as “third-spaces”.
We believe that the strategic role of vegetation for this area can be much stronger: plants can be productive. This means that they can be the main resource for a new economy – which can be circular – within the Dakpark neighborhood.


Michelangelo Vallicelli

Giulia Panadisi

Annalisa Pilati

Nicolò Troianiello

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved