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A museum for natural sciences is a particularly relevant centrality for the city. Unlike other types of museum, a functionality of preservation is connected with a substantial one of research and experimentation. The building is therefore a tool and representation of a dynamic knowledge, that increases every day, helping to enrich the awareness about natural environment and its identity.The main issue that we have faced in our project was to investigate a morphological solution that could represent what is, for the today-city, a place for scientific ‘experience’ on the multiplicity of natural species. The building is no longer just a container for appearance of nature but it is the site for the divulgation of a very important knowledge. For this reason, the aim of our project is to enhance it as much as possible in a responsible way for the city in its social dimension by two main factors: the public space and communication.


Michelangelo Vallicelli

Luigi Castelli

Valeria Mercuri

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved

© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved