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Modelling of the vault of S.Carlo

Computational modelling research

San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, as in general roman baroque architecture, has a remarkable complexity in his forms and volumes articulation, not easy to control through a linear measurement. In the present analysis, mathematical representation of planar curves has been superimposed to picture and drawings leading to a three-dimensional parametric model of the vault. The use of Mathematica software, combining graphical interface to powerful numerical and symbolic evaluation, has allowed construction and visualization of complex models with a measure of their validity. We show that the curve at the basis of the vault, an oval formed by circular arcs very close to an ellipse, is better approximated by an elongated Epitrochoid and the position of the lacunars can be related to simple hypothesis on their shape and geometry. Similar problems of modeling other vault’s decorations can be analyzed by changing parameters.


Michelangelo Vallicelli

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© Node Architecture All Rights Reserved